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Beaba Pixie Night Light, $50, gives the room a soft glow at night and, when your child graduates to a “big-boy bed,” is perfectly portable for midnight trips to the potty. >

Cloud B Plush Gentle Giraffe, $27, soothes your baby to sleep with the sound of a mother’s heartbeat or the Serengeti. Two timer options let you choose 23 minutes or 45 minutes. >

Crane’s Adorable Animal Humidifier, $45, keeps the air moist to alleviate nasal congestion, dry cough and sinus irritation. >

Gro-egg Digital Room Thermometer, $37, makes getting the room temperature just right a no-brainer. The egg glows yellow for the perfect temperature range, blue for too cold and red for too hot. >

WallCandy Arts removable wall decals, $6 and up, transform your nursery but won’t scar your walls. (Check out the chalkboard designs!) >