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Pumping primer


To pick the right breast pump for you, keep this advice in mind: If you’re planning to pump after returning to work (or just want to bank some extra milk), you’ll want the efficiency of a double electric. Pumping less often? Opt for the simplicity of a single electric or manual model.
Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Find the best fit for you with flanges in three sizes. Pump anywhere with the AC adapter, battery power or car adapter. $300.
Dr. Brown’s Double Electric Designed by lactation consultants and nursing mothers for gentle milk expression. $250 
Evenflo SimplyGo Dual Electric Easy to stash in a bag, this small pump is perfect for occasional pumping on the go. $60 
Hygeia EnJoye with Internal Battery Now endorsed by La Leche League International, each pump comes with a free membership. Records and plays back your baby’s cry to encourage quick let-down. $290 
Lansinoh Affinity Pro This powerful pump offers a range of pumping styles and suction levels to help maximize your milk flow. $130 
Lucina Melodi Advanced A hospital-grade pump for use at home. The suction imitates the suck-swallow-breathe pattern of a breastfeeding baby. $549
Medela Pump In Style Advanced This pump is a workhorse designed for moms who express milk several times a day. $300 
The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump You’ll never forget your optimal expression settings with this smart pump. It records data from your last 10 sessions. $180
Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump This pump lets you express in a reclined position. And soft silicone flanges feel warm on
your skin. $150
Medela Harmony Small, portable and easy-touse, this hand pump is perfect for moms who only pump every so often. It’s also the
perfect backup to an electric pump. $40