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Strong, confident styling, gently inspired by 1960s London, suits today's mod mama.


Fashion trends, like the recent Mod Revival, percolate through Fit Pregnancy's style filter and are distilled to their elegant, sexy and timeless essence. Any hard or bitter elements are mellowed to a feminine perfection that celebrates pregnant bellies and breasts as well as a chic individualism. Fit Pregnancy found the strongest expression of the Mod Revival in its fresh-faced origins.

In the December 2007/January 2008 issue fashion feature, "It's a Mod Mod World," our editors reference the freshly minted, fashion-and music-obsessed style of the early 1960s London mods. The era that launched Mary Quant, the mini skirt and Twiggy gave us some of our most iconic looks shown here in their 21st century reinterpretations. The V-neck mini-shift dress, keyhole top with necktie and A-line jacket are all updated and worn without embellishment. The sharply cut, fringed hairstyle, Mary Janes and patent-leather boots are all rooted in the '60s but betray not a hint of sentimentality. We stray briefly from London to Paris to include the all-black turtleneck look of Audrey Hepburn from Funny Face circa 1957—the epitome of the era's cool-cat chic.

The British television show "Ready Steady Go" was the chief exporter of all things mod. As any present-day insomniac knows, the rock and pop music variety show featured legendary performances by Dusty Springfield, The Animals, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. (Reruns of "RSG" occasionally surface on late-night cable television.) The host, Cathy McGowan, dubbed "Queen of the Mods," embodied the look (fab) and lifestyle (equally fab) that continues to inspire.

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