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3 Cardio Workouts to Torch Baby Weight

Fire up the stroller and put the power of interval training to use as you blast pregnancy pounds.

Can’t fathom carving out time between feedings, changings and laundry to fit in fitness? Then don’t! Simply crank up the power of something you’re already doing: sauntering with your baby. “Walking raises your heart rate and strengthens your lower body,” says Autumn Bonner, a trainer in San Diego and owner of, who designed this plan. “Plus, by increasing your intensity, you can torch up to 9 calories a minute.”

But this routine isn’t just about burn—we’ve got firming covered too, with a complete sculpting routine. So lace up your kicks and learn how easy it is to lose the baby weight while holding on to your sanity.


How It Works: Do each interval-based power walk (see slides 7, 8 and 9) once a week in any order (for a total of 3 jaunts a week). Perform the strength circuit twice a week, either on its own or after a walking session. Do 1 set of each strength exercise in order without resting in between. Take a minute to catch your breath, then repeat the circuit once more.

You'll Need: A stroller and a park bench.

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