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5 Ways to Work Out Outside With Baby

Grab the stroller for these simple moves for total-body toning.


“Doing squats is especially great for lifting your bottom,” says Druxman. When you’re out walking your baby, stop every 10 minutes to fit in two minutes of squats.

Follow Druxman’s tips for the most effective form: Stand behind your stroller with the brake off, hands about shoulder width apart on the handlebars. Feet and knees are facing forward with legs about hips width apart. Sit your bottom back with the weight in your heels. You can push your stroller out in front of you during this motion and pull it back in as you pull yourself up to standing position. When squatting back, keep your spine long and strong, with your upper body only slightly tilted forward.

“A common mistake during this exercise is to bend forward from the upper body too much when it should be the lower body that is reaching back,” says Druxman. “Imagine reaching your bottom back to hover over a toilet and I guarantee you perfect form!”

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