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5 Ways to Work Out Outside With Baby

Grab the stroller for these simple moves for total-body toning.


“An often neglected body part is our calves, and nicely-sculpted calves look sexy when you’re wearing shorts or a skirt,” says Druxman.

Park your baby on a sidewalk so that the handlebars are facing the street (but not where there are not cars driving by!). Stand on the edge of the curb with the balls of your feet on the curb and your heels hanging off the edge. Hold the handlebars just enough for balance but don’t hang on to the stroller. Start with feet and knees facing forward. Drop your heels down and squeeze your calves to bring yourself back up. Do for one minute.

Advanced Option: For your second set, bring one foot behind the other ankle. You will do the same exercise, but this time it just uses one leg and it has to carry the weight of the other leg. It should be much harder. Do a set for one minute and repeat on the other side.

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