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8 New-Mom Workout Moves to Do with Baby

Get back in shape while you bond with your bub.

PLIES AND WALKING LUNGES: Place your baby in a front carrier, making sure his head is well supported. Begin with 2 minutes of baby dancing to warm up, then alternate 1 minute of baby pliés with 1 minute of walking lunges (next slide). Alternate the combination 4 times for 4 minutes. To cool down, walk for 2 minutes, then take your baby out of the carrier and stretch for 2 minutes.

BABY PLIÉ: Stand with your feet farther than hip-width apart, turning feet out slightly. Keep your abs drawn in and bend your knees, lowering your hips and pressing your weight into the heels [shown]. Slowly straighten your legs and squeeze your buttocks to return to standing.

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