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8 New Ways to Workout

Pre- and post-baby classes to try, with modifications for your changing body.

A hip-swiveling calorie-burner, Zumba ( can do as much for your self-confidence as your curves. “A lot of women don’t feel sexy when pregnant. But moving this way can help you feel sexy,” says Angie Acosta, a Zumba instructor in Charlotte, N.C.

The hip rolling and core conditioning in this standing ab workout primes your pushing muscles, and the dance moves set to lively beats (think merengue, salsa and hip-hop) also increase your ever-changing sense of balance and coordination.

Modifications: Skip any jumping or quick twisting.

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Allison Young, a freelance writer in Phoenix, got sweaty for this article. Piloxing was a blast, and Kinesis kicked her butt.

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