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8 New Ways to Workout

Pre- and post-baby classes to try, with modifications for your changing body.

Forget granny-style pool classes, this hourlong class uses resistance tools and cardio moves to tone your upper body and core while burning fat and improving flexibility—all without the high-impact pounding that comes with regular aerobics. “Pregnant women will feel considerably lighter in water so they can move around a lot better,” says Ellis Peters, aqua boot camp instructor at Equinox fitness in New York City.

Other pregnancy pluses: Water decreases stress on the joints and research shows that pregnant women who do water aerobics are less likely to ask for pain meds during delivery. To find a class, visit Equinox ( or check your local gym.

Modifications: As your belly expands, widen your stance and your kicks.

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Allison Young, a freelance writer in Phoenix, got sweaty for this article. Piloxing was a blast, and Kinesis kicked her butt.

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