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The Busy Mom's 20-Minute Circuit Workout

A nice, long gym session? Ain't nobody got time for that. Get fit fast with this mom-friendly plan.

With a new little cutie demanding attention 24/7, exercise seems impossible. But you don't need to make the gym your second home to get back into pre-baby shape. Instead, do a circuit plan like this one—switching between high-intensity cardio and strength moves every minute—just a handful of times each week. It burns more calories than an ordinary strength or aerobics workout, and it's faster than your kiddo's shortest nap!


How it Works: 3 to 5 times a week, do each move for 1 minute, performing 1 minute of high-intensity cardio (such as running or jumping rope) between each exercise. Repeat once. Switch the order of the moves each time you work out.

You'll Need: A 4- to 10-pound dumbell, a resistance tube and a Bosu trainer (optional).

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