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Exercises for Better Post-Baby Sex

To ensure post-baby sex (for you and your partner) is sufficiently steamy, strengthen your pelvic-floor muscles.

Kegel exercises are the best way to shape up your pelvic floor, but it’s also important to strengthen your abdominals, hips and lower back, which is what this entire workout, designed by Mulligan, is designed to help you do. The workout can be done every other day. But remember that you must wait six weeks after delivery before starting; if you’ve had a Cesarean section, wait eight weeks and get your doctor’s OK first.

Your pelvic-floor muscles are the ones you use to stop the flow of urine. To do a Kegel, tighten those muscles for about 6 seconds, then release. Try to concentrate on just your pelvic-floor muscles and not the ones in your abs and buttocks. On days that you don’t do this workout, try doing Kegels for 1 minute a few times a day.

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