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Flat-Out Fabulous

Just because you've had a baby doesn't mean you can't have strong, flat abs. Get rid of your post-baby pooch with the groundbreaking Tupler Technique.


Tupler Technique Basics
It's not only important to breathe correctly when you exercise, it's also crucial to learn how to properly draw in your abdominal muscles before you do any activity, such as picking up your baby. By doing so, you use the transversus abdominis ("the transverse"), the innermost muscle that wraps around your abdomen and back like a corset. Strengthening the transverse protects your back and gives your belly a flatter appearance. The basis of the Tupler Technique is isolating the transverse. Here's how:

The action of the transverse is front to back. Imagine your transverse is a sideways elevator with six floors. Take a deep breath through your nose as you expand you belly and fill your lungs. Exhale through your mouth and empty your lungs as you bring your transverse muscle back toward your spine to the "sixth floor." Hold this position before you do any exercise moves and/or activities such as lifting.


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