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Flex Time

From a brisk walk with baby to a solo strength workout, exercise can bring energy and stress relief to your wild and crazy new life with baby.


5. Seated Triceps Extension  Sitting cross-legged on the ground, hold one end of the tube in your right hand behind your back at the base of your spine. Hold the other end in your left hand above your head, arm straight. Choke up on the end in your right hand until you feel tension on the tube. Keeping your torso lifted and abs contracted, look straight ahead. Bend your left elbow, palm facing in, pointing your elbow up [A]. Squeeze shoulder blades together, and then straighten your left arm without locking elbow or

moving at the shoulder [B]. Bend elbow to starting position and do reps; then switch arms and repeat. Strengthens triceps.

6. Ab Curl Lie face-up on the ground with knees bent and in line with your hips, calves parallel to the ground. Place fingertips behind head, elbows open and out to the sides. Inhale; contract abdominals [A]. As you exhale, draw ab muscles in and down toward your spine while you lift head, neck and shoulders up and forward in 4 counts. Keep legs motionless [B]. Hold for 4 counts; then lower to starting position in 4 counts. Repeat. Strengthens abdominals.

How to Do Kegels

Pelvic-floor muscle-strengthening exercises, also called Kegels, promote strength and elasticity in the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. Having strong and elastic PC muscles can make delivery easier and speed postpartum healing. To find your PC muscles, stop the flow of urine the next time you’re emptying your bladder. To do a Kegel, squeeze and hold those same vaginal muscles for 10 seconds and then slowly release. Squeeze again and release quickly. Do 20 10-second holds 5 times a day.


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