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Go with the Flow

When you have a new baby, you've got to slow down. The good news: You can still fit in our easy, effective workout.

“I go to work for her. We have a college fund so she could go to Princeton. If I want to hang out with Kenna a little longer, I start work at 12:30 p.m.
    “I don’t have a hard time slowing down to be with her,” Kiester adds. Some people come home from work and have a martini to relax. I come home and play with my baby.”

((Lessons in letting go) Career and baby are contradictory worlds. Working harder, longer, and with more precision and efficiency may win the day on the job, but first-time mothers have no expertise in what Swigart calls the “intuitive, fusional, enmeshed-in-body” life of babies. This is a place where rationality, clear understanding and exactitude are less relevant. (continued on page 163)

    “It was hard for me to accept the fact that sometimes there was nothing I could do for my baby if she was having a bad day,” says Trissa Garvis, 45, a sales representative in Minneapolis and mother of 2-year-old Ivy. “At work, I could always put in more hours to get a job done; but with a baby, it wasn’t about doing it harder or longer.”
    Motherhood may quickly edge out career as a woman’s defining identity, but many new mothers do return to work. Straddling motherhood and career means learning how to switch gears. Restaurateur Gentry has returned to work three days a week, but there are ground rules. “I used to have a list of 12 things to do a day,” she says. “Now I am happy if I do one thing on the list. It is important to be here with Halle now. She is almost a year old, and I see how fast it goes.”



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