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Lose Your Post-Baby Paunch with Pilates

Get your body back with this fast and effective ballet-Pilates mash-up.

Stand parallel to a countertop or the back of a sturdy chair with the hand closest to the counter resting on it, feet parallel and hip-distance apart and shoulders back.

Place a small ball or throw pillow between your inner thighs, or if you’re not using a ball, stand with feet closer and squeeze your inner thighs together. Tilt your pelvis under slightly, pull your belly button up and in and remember to breathe.
Relevé, or lift, your heels so that you’re on the balls of your feet, then slowly bend your knees about an inch to plié [shown]. Do 3 sets of 12.

Benefits: thighs, butt, and abs

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By Virginia I. Pelley

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