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New-Mom Circuit-Style Workout

Burn more calories as you build muscle with this exclusive workout. (Check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise program. If you had a Cesarean section, wait until your incision has healed.)

This circuit-style workout, designed exclusively for Fit Pregnancy by Lindsay Brin, creator of the Shed Five Fast DVD, keeps you moving in between moves.

The result? The high-intensity exercises keep your heart rate up so you burn more calories as you build muscle. (A 125-pound woman will burn, on average, 240 calories in 30 minutes.)

What to Expect: Do this workout three times a week. Begin by doing one set of each exercise in the order shown. When you feel strong enough, repeat the entire workout, working up to three times. On alternating days, walk for 15 to 20 minutes, building up to 45 minutes.

Warm up: Go for a brisk 10-minute walk or do the following for 1 minute each, then repeat: march in place while pumping your arms; lift your knees and touch the opposite elbow, alternating sides; move each foot from side to side, tapping the opposite foot.

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by Teri Hanson

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