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The New-Mom Hiking Program

Hiking is a great way for new moms to get back in shape and bond with baby.


After 4 weeks:
You now may be ready to undertake a more rigorous hiking routine. Of course you should check with your doctor first, particularly if you experienced any complications during labor and delivery. Before each hike, make sure to warm up first by stretching all of your major muscle groups.

4–6 weeks postpartum:
During these 2 weeks, build up to a 1-hour hike. To build strength and stamina, alternate hilly terrain with flat: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, hike on trails with small hills. On Tuesday and Thursday, keep to flat ground.

6–8 weeks postpartum:
For the next 2 weeks, extend your hiking time by 15–20 minutes per hike and drop a day so you’re hiking 4 days a week.

8–12 weeks postpartum:
For these weeks, extend your hiking time by another 30–45 minutes and drop a day so you’re hiking 3 days per week, still varying days on flat ground with days hiking on hills.

On the 2 days that you’re not hiking, do a different activity, such as aerobics or swimming. Add more strength training with weights if you can. Note: When your baby’s weight hits 16 pounds, it may be time to transfer him from a front carrier to a backpack. When you do this, try neck and shoulder rolls as part of your warm-up.


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