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ooh, baby!

Some people really like getting lost in the whole aura of mothering — the fuzzy feelings of taking care of a baby around the clock.


5. Alternate Military Press Stand tall with feet shoulder-width apart, abdominal muscles pulled in and pelvis in neutral position [A]. Holding a light weight in each hand (1–5 pounds), elbows bent and pointing down just in front of your torso, palms facing forward and wrists at shoulder height, straighten right arm without locking elbow [B]. Pull down to starting position; straighten left arm and lower. Do 15 reps with each arm, making movements powerful and extensions full (but don’t lock elbows). Strengthens shoulders.

6. Crunchy Crunches Lie down on back, legs bent,

feet flat on floor, with hands behind head [A]. Contract your abdominal muscles and raise head and shoulders off the floor. As you do this, also lift your bent knees and hips until knees meet your elbows [B]. Use the lower portion of your abs to raise your hips off the floor. Hold position for 2 seconds, then slowly lower to starting position, making sure your lower back doesn’t arch. Do 25–50 repetitions. Vary exercise by placing straightened legs up against a wall, perpendicular to the floor. Strengthens abdominals.


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