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star power

Doctors recommend waiting six weeks before resuming vigorous activity. Check with your doctor before starting this program.


Hollywood’s leading ladies somehow manage to make postpartum weight loss look easy. How was it possible that Sarah Jessica Parker had her figure back so soon after giving birth to her son, James?

   The truth is, Hollywood moms have to work very hard to get their bodies back into shape. They get plenty of help from personal trainers, of course, but just like the rest of us, they also have to start slowly to develop a routine that is safe, effective and sustainable.

    Here’s a peek at the workouts of five celebrity moms who followed healthy postpartum exercise plans, plus a workout designed by Los Angeles trainer Rob Parr, who helped Madonna, Demi Moore and Lisa Vidal (ER and The Division) get back into shape after having babies. “‘Be consistent’ is the most important tip I give all my clients,” Parr says.

   Easy for him to say, huh? Vidal, pictured here doing our celebrity postpartum workout, is a mother of three. She gained 40 pounds during her first two pregnancies and “only 32” in her third. Her secret to shedding the pounds? “Yes, I see my trainer, but mostly it’s brisk walks with the kids and the baby in the jogging stroller, and throwing in crunches and leg lifts in my trailer.”

the (New-Mom) workout

Do 1 set of each exercise in the order listed. Start with 10–15 repetitions of each, progressing to 25 reps. When you can complete the recommended number of reps, add another set, resting 60 seconds in between sets.

Frequency: Do this program 3 days per week with a day off in between. On non-strength-training days, do 20–45 minutes of cardio. If you’re short on time, walk for 10–20 minutes.

Warm-up/cool-down: Begin and end your workout with a brisk 5-minute walk while doing arm and shoulder circles. Complete the workout by stretching your major muscles, holding each stretch for 30 seconds without bouncing.

1. STEP-UP Stand facing an 8- to 12-inch step. Place your right foot on the center of the platform, knee bent, your left foot on the floor, heel lifted, toes pointing forward. Place your hands on your hips or hold a dumbbell on each shoulder. Contract your abs to keep your torso upright [A]. Keeping your right knee over your ankle, push off your left foot, straightening legs to stand on top of the step; lift your left knee to hip height [B]. Step down with your left foot, keeping your heel lifted. Complete reps, then switch legs. Weight: none or 3–8 pounds in each hand. Strengthens quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks and calves.


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