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Doctors recommend waiting six weeks before resuming vigorous activity. Check with your doctor before starting this program.


5 ways to lose

the baby fat

1. Start moving slowly but surely>> Instead of envisioning yourself doing a marathon or lifting heavy weights, picture taking a 10-minute walk around the block with your baby. “Most new moms think they are too tired to exercise, but what they don’t realize is that it will give them energy and help their recovery,” says Beverly Hills, Calif., OB-GYN Ruth Cousineau, M.D. “Talk to your doctor about your exercise plan, especially if you’ve had any medical issues or a Cesarean section. Start gently, then gradually build up your strength to do more.”

2. Avoid setbacks>> Remember to take care of yourself. “Women forget to think about their own bodies since they’re always thinking about the baby,” says Gail Pekelis, P.T., of Women’s Physical Therapy Rehabilitation in Beverly Hills, Calif. “When you’re taking care of a baby, your body is constantly pulled forward and strained, so it’s essential to focus on proper body mechanics. Learn how to correctly bend over

the crib—contract your abs and lift using your legs, not your back—and notice the position of your neck, back and shoulders while you’re nursing,” Pekelis says. “Take the extra minute so you are not in pain later.”

3. Eat right and often>> Experts advise not going on a diet right after giving birth; but to lose the pregnancy weight you do need to start monitoring your calorie intake. (Note: If you’re nursing, you need close to 2,700 calories per day.) The easiest way to do this is to cut out all junk foods and focus on fresh, healthful ones. And by eating small, frequent meals throughout the day you will keep your energy up.

4. Get enough sleep>> It may seem impossible with a newborn in the house, but do try to rest as much as possible so that you have some energy and you’re not tempted to turn to sweets or fatty foods for a pick-me-up.

5. Find a buddy>> Go online, check community bulletin boards, do whatever you can to find workout partners. Social contact with other women, as well as simply getting out of the house, will do wonders for your mood.

‘You have to keep reminding yourself,  “I just had a baby,” and relax. It’s going to be all right; you will lose the weight. Respect what your body just went through.’

                                           — LISA VIDAL


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