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The Stroller Workout

Push those post-pregnancy pounds out of your life with a fun, stroller-based workout you can do while spending time outside with your baby. Designed for Fit Pregnancy by Strollercize founder Elizabeth Trindade, this is a 30-minute circuit-style workout that alternates between 5-minute cardio intervals (pushing the stroller) and 1- to 2-minute toning sessions (using the stroller as support).

Start out walking slowly for 2 minutes, then gradually pick up the pace to a brisk walk. Switch from using both hands on the stroller to just one. Do large circles with the other arm to warm up your upper body.

Cardio: 5 minutes

As you walk, extend each leg as far forward as possible, without sacrificing form. Occasionally, try pushing the stroller with one hand and swing the other arm alongside your body in the opposite direction as your forward leg.


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Michele Bender; Workout by Strollercize founder Elizabeth Trindade

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