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Yoga Buddies Workout Moves

Fat-burning exercises you can do with baby.

Sit up tall with your ankles crossed and place your baby faceup on the blanket so you can maintain eye contact with her [shown]. Lightly touch her head as you sing the words “North Pole.” Now touch your baby’s feet as you sing “South Pole.” Then guide your baby’s hands to her chest and gently extend her left arm out to the side as you sing “East Coast.”

Sing “West Coast” as you softly extend her right arm out to the side. Bring your baby’s hands together as you sing “inside.” Sing “outside” as you extend your baby’s arms outward. Wiggle your baby gently side to side as you sing, “Baby, you’re the best!” Repeat the sequence 3 to 5 times.

MOM BENEFITS: Maintaining an upright, seated position strengthens your lower back and core.

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