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Yoga Buddies Workout Moves

Fat-burning exercises you can do with baby.

Lie on your back with your baby facedown on your chest. Bring your knees toward your chest and place your baby securely on your shins, tummy down. Keep your hands wrapped around your baby’s torso at all times, and support her head with your hands or your knees if needed. Lift your head and shoulders toward your baby, tightening your abdominals as you exhale, and play peek-a-boo [shown].

Lower your head and slowly bring your knees closer to your chest to release your lower back. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds. Gently move your feet up and down to soothe your baby while singing the words “super baby” and maintaining eye contact with her. Repeat as long as you like.

MOM BENEFITS: Strengthens core, hips, legs and arms.

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