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Postnatal Workouts


Postpartum Exercises

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Kettlebell Workout Basics: How to Master the Kettlebell Swing

Make the most of the move—even if you don't have a kettlebell!
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Abdominal Exercises: The Side Plank Dip

Carve your core with this easy exercise. Plus, how to modify it for your skill level.
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Master the Mountain Climber Exercise

It’s the ultimate no-excuses exercise: Mountain climbers tighten your butt, thighs, and abs in just a few quick motions.
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Lower Body Workout Move: The Ice Skater

Sure, your core is important, but don’t forget your lower body! Add this exercise to your routine for the complete full-body workout.
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Sculpt a Flat Stomach with the Boxing Twist

Target your side and lower abs with one at-home exercise
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How to Do a Burpee

Blast fat with this heart-pumping move
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Your Flat-Abs Fix: The Boat Twist

Flat abs are just a few quick twists away

Tabata: The Express Workout for New Moms

Ready to rev up your metabolism? Get back in shape with a few rounds of high intensity exercise each day.
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Baby's First Yoga Pose

Hilaria Baldwin teaches her little one to follow in her footsteps

How Pregnancy Affects Your Postpartum Exercise Routine

Get back in shape safely with these guidelines for 5 common exercises.

6 Ways to Burn Calories with Baby

Finding time to get to the gym with a little one at home might be difficult, but don’t worry, we found a few great ways to work out WITH your baby!

Can Yoga Give You Superpowers?

Our friends at Bookish took a look at the hard science behind four supposed yogic superpowers.
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