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Postnatal Workouts

Ab Rehab

Learn the right way to get rid of your post-baby pooch.

Ab Rehab Workout

Not Your Mama's Workout

Are you ready to sweat? Strengthen your body, lose the baby weight and start to feel like yourself again with a circuit-style workout designed just for new moms.

Not Your Mama's Workout Slideshow

Targeted Exercises

Seven weight-loss strategies to win the war on those extra pounds. Plus, the best exercises to get your abs back.

Get Your Abs Back Slideshow

Your Changing Body

The post-baby belly flap: Can we talk?

Red Carpet Ready

Celebrity trainer valerie waters shares her hollywood-tested workout for getting your body back into shape after baby.

Red Carpet Ready Workout

Sexual Healing

Want to have better post-baby sex? Strengthen your pelvic floor.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Workout

Mommy and Me

Bond with your baby and get a workout, too.

Mommy and Me

Belly Basics

Four great moves to regain your abs
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