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Postnatal Workouts


Postpartum Exercises

Get Your Body Back

Getting some exercise and hanging out with your baby: What could be better?

it takes a year to get back

After having a baby, you may feel so wiped out that you'll wonder if you'll ever recover. You will, of course, but it may take longer than expected. Here's what you need to know about your road to recovery.

yoga for two

Get your body back and bond with your baby at the same time.

Play Time

A family that works out together stays healthy together. Skateboarder Tony Hawk, his wife, Erin, and their three kids show you how.

Working Out

It's a given—as a new mom, you won't have much time to exercise. But you don't need a lot. Here's a plan that takes advantage of quick spurts of exercise.

Little Triumphs

The milestones of new motherhood? Your baby'’s first smile, your first shower. And with our postpartum workout, you'’ll reach another achievement: a strong, toned body.

Back to Basics

How a new mom found her way back to fitness one step at a time. Check out our progressive workout to help you get your body back, too.

The Baby Boot Camp Workout

A 30-minute exercise routine to help you torch the baby weight. Power through it on your own, or, better yet, with a platoon of fellow moms.

Mommy Time

No time to exercise? Hold your baby close and dance!

Bye-Bye, Belly

Exercises to get your abs fit as a fiddle.

Easy Ways to Get Your Body Back

Are you longing to return to your pre-baby body but have no idea where to begin? Our simple tips and quick workout will get you there fast.

ooh, baby!

Some people really like getting lost in the whole aura of mothering — the fuzzy feelings of taking care of a baby around the clock.

Back in action

Get your life—and your body—in shape again. Try our cool new mini-workouts and these tips from moms.

Mama Moves

After you give birth, exercise is the ticket to getting stronger, losing weight and relaxing into motherhood. Try our yoga-inspired postpartum plan.
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