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Postnatal Workouts


Postpartum Exercises

Flex Time

From a brisk walk with baby to a solo strength workout, exercise can bring energy and stress relief to your wild and crazy new life with baby.

Welcome to Your New life

Meet the mighty challenge of motherhood with words of wisdom from other new moms and our easy strengthening workout.

Go with the Flow

When you have a new baby, you've got to slow down. The good news: You can still fit in our easy, effective workout.

The New-Mom Hiking Program

Hiking is a great way for new moms to get back in shape and bond with baby.

Lean On Me

It's not always easy to keep it all together with a new baby in your life. Here's how to get the support you need, plus a fast, fun buddy workout.

Beautiful Mama

A surefire workout (based on Cindy Crawford'’s new video) to help get your strength and shape back after having a baby.

Brave New Mom

Your baby's perfect, your body's beat, you're blissful, you're blue. Welcome to life as a new mom. Here's how to cope.

A Family Affair

An all-over strengthening and shaping program that new moms can do with their babies

Bounce Back Fast

Use our easy strength and cardio program to lose the baby weight and feel better than ever.

Stress-Easing Workout

Bond with your baby while you strengthen your abs, chest, lower back and legs.

Get Your Abs Back

5 great moves to help you firm up, plus tips on postnatal weight loss, sex and eating well.

5 Great Ab Moves

A progressive exercise program in which you start slowly and then work your way up to more strenuous exercises.

Strollers Boost Calorie Burn

Walking briskly with a loaded stroller can burn up to 222 calories.
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