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Basic Training

A safe prenatal workout you can do at home


4. CHEST FLY Sit on the chair with a pillow propped behind you. Bend your knees and place feet flat on floor. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, extend arms directly above your chest, elbows slightly bent, knuckles touching (A). Inhale, open arms out just to the point of a mild stretch without arching your back (B). Exhale and press arms together; repeat for reps. Recommended weight: 5–12 pounds. Gym option: Use the chest fly machine. Strengthens chest, front shoulder and triceps.

5. PLIÉ Stand with your left side to the back of a chair and your toes and knees turned out about 45 degrees, left hand on chair for support and right elbow bent at an angle, right hand on hip. Bend knees, lowering torso as much as possible without shifting pelvis (shown). Press into your heels as you straighten legs to return to starting position; repeat for reps. Gym option: Same exercise, holding onto back of incline bench. Strengthens quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks.

6. STANDING HAMSTRING CURL Attach an ankle weight to your right ankle and stand facing the back of a chair with feet slightly separated. Bring right foot slightly behind you, toes touching the floor, knee bent (A). Bend your right knee upward and flex foot to bring right heel toward buttocks (B). Return to starting position and repeat for reps, then switch ankle weight to other leg and repeat. Recommended weight: 2–4 pounds. Gym option: Use a seated or standing hamstring curl machine. Strengthens hamstrings


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