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below the belt

Pelvic-floor exercises for labor and beyond


3. Side-lying splinted lift  Splint your belly as in 1B. Lie on your side with your back against a wall, knees bent [A]. Inhale and expand your belly; then exhale, pulling your bellybutton toward your spine in a “crunch” as you pull the splint inward to support your abs [B]. Imagine your bellybutton pushing out through your spine. Hold for 1 second, release and repeat. Do 10 reps, working up to 3 sets of 30. Do 1 set of Kegels in between sets.

4. Kegels (not shown) Sitting or lying down, put your hands on your belly and relax your abs; keep them relaxed during this exercise. Squeeze and hold the muscles around the vagina (as if stopping the flow of urine). Hold for 10 seconds; slowly release. Squeeze the muscles again when finished to shorten the muscle. Do 20 10-second holds 5 times a day (1 set should be performed in between each set of Elevators, pelvic tilts and side-lying splinted lifts). Note: If holding for 10 seconds is too difficult at first, start with 5-second holds, working up to 8 seconds and then to 10 seconds as you gain muscle strength. 


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