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Choose The Best Workout For Your Mood

5 moods and the best workouts to suit each one. Why miss out on exercise today?


2. When You’re Feeling Anxious

Need to burn off steam? Try strength training, advises Cram. “Use your own body weight as resistance or incorporate resistance bands.”

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McGee suggests taking a dance class, like prenatal Zumba, or a spin class (if you're already accustomed to spinning) when worries seem overwhelming. “The music and atmosphere will calm your nerves and the movement will blow off steam and anxiety. You'll have so much fun, you'll forget you were anxious!”

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3. When You’re Feeling Social

Want to burn calories and have a gabfest with your friend? This is the perfect time to do it!

“My favorite exercises for pregnancy are ones that are social because having a buddy can improve compliancy about 90 percent,” says Cram.

She recommends stroller walking with your friend if you have little ones and taking your walk indoors to the mall when the weather is bad. Break up your buddy walk with stretching and toning exercises like those found on FitDeck’s Prenatal Exercise cards ($14.95,


4. When You’re Exhausted

If you’re tired and don’t feel like exercising, just do what appeals to you the most in that moment, says Cram. That might be stretching, a short walk, breathing exercises, or even a relaxing yoga DVD. “Do something very gentle that feels like caretaking to help you feel rejuvenated. It should be an activity that makes you feel good.”

She also recommends swimming for when you’re feeling very tired, especially in your third trimester. “The hydrostatic pressure helps with swelling, takes pressure off the joints, and it can feel almost spa-like!”

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5. When You’re In A Great Mood

“If you're feeling happy and want a fun experience, take a tennis lesson or go for a bike ride. Doing something that engages all of your senses…will make you feel confident and enjoy the fun, happy mood you're in,” says McGee.
“This is the perfect time to shake up your routine and try something new! Experiment with a new piece of equipment, try trail walking, or swap your walk for a bike ride,” says Cram. “You’re in a positive state of mind and it can make a difference in how you perceive a new activity.”

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