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growing strong

This strengthening program will prepare you for the rigors of delivery and motherhood.


7. Leg Press Adjust the seat of a leg press machine to 45 degrees and sit with feet hip-width apart on the plate, legs straight but not locked. Keep back against pad and grasp handles [A]. Bend knees toward chest until they are in line with hips [B]. Straighten legs to starting position and repeat. Keep knees and toes facing forward. Strengthens quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks. At home: Do wall squats. Suggested weight: 45–135 pounds. Decrease weight as pregnancy progresses.

8. Cable Side Lifts Stand with your left side to a low cable pulley, left foot on a weight plate and ankle cuff attached to your right ankle. Adjust your distance so you’re supported but still have a slight tension on the cable. Hold the bar with your left hand, right hand on your hips, keeping your hips square and chest lifted and your abdominals contracted [A]. Maintaining torso and hip alignment, slowly lift

your right leg out and sideways, keeping your foot close to the ground for as long as possible before it leaves the floor. Focus on keeping

your pelvis stable [B]. Return to starting position and do reps. Repeat with the other leg. Strengthens upper hip; focuses on standing leg alignment to help with overall pelvic stability. At home: Do same exercise at home by holding onto a wall and using an ankle weight or tubing. Suggested weight: 10–15 pounds.


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