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Just Push Play: Prenatal Workout DVDs We Love

Excrcise DVDs to keep you fit before

Features: Pilates, yoga, light weight training, partner stretching
Run time: 60 minutes
Highlights: This unique system incorporates the disciplines of Pilates, yoga and strength training into an all-in-one, carefully paced program. Master Pilates instructor Tracey Mallett demonstrates the proper modifications for the second and third trimesters, while her assistant demonstrates the first. Postnatal fitness also is addressed. As a bonus segment, Mallett's husband, Chris, a physical therapist, assists with partner stretching.
Recommended props: Yoga mat, carpet or rug; three pillows; large towel; light hand weights; sturdy chair
Why we like it: Mallett takes a lot of time to explain the safety tips and modifications needed during all three trimesters. She also has a playful, personal teaching style that helps you feel comfortable and enjoy the workout.
Real mom's comment: "I am not usually a Pilates and yoga person and I still think this video is fantastic. I like that Tracey included a good deal of upper-body conditioning in the program. The setting in which Tracey performs the workout is very homey and soothing, contributing to the overall calm feeling of the video. The partner stretching was a nice extra touch." -- Michelle McKeon, Wilmette, Ill.
Our favorite move: Supported Leg Swings
Lie on your right side with pillows under your hip, belly, shoulder and head for support. Bend your right elbow and rest head in hand, left hand flat on the floor in front of your chest, legs in front of hips at an angle, knees slightly bent. Draw your abs in and allow your body to relax on the pillows. Keeping your hips still, inhale and swing your left leg to the front, then exhale as you swing the leg to the back (shown). Do 10 repetitions, then switch sides and repeat. Strengthens hips, buttocks and abs.

ATP Fitness Productions Inc., 2005; traceymallett.com

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