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Just Push Play: Prenatal Workout DVDs We Love

Excrcise DVDs to keep you fit before

Features: Yoga, breathing exercises, guided relaxations
Run time: 120 minutes
Highlights: Features three yoga practices that are perfect for all three trimesters. "Open" consists of 25 minutes of seated and kneeling poses to connect your body, mind and breath. "Focus" involves 30 minutes of standing and seated poses to energize and build strength. "Surrender" consists of 20 minutes of floor poses to help you relax and release.
Recommended props: Yoga sticky mat; three large, firm pillows; stack of folded blankets; wall for additional support
Why we like it: The easy pace and creative sequencing of the moves are truly relaxing and enjoyable. The set is visually appealing, the music soothing and the voice-over soft and calming. We especially love the attention to trimester modifications.
Real mom's comment: "As the former editor of a yoga magazine, I've seen a lot of yoga videos. This is one of the best--pregnant or not. It's clear and concise, and the relaxations at the end are fantastic for overwhelmed moms-to-be." -- Hillari Dowdle, Knoxville, Tenn.
Our favorite move: Relaxation (Feather)
Lie on your right side with both knees bent and place a large, firm pillow between your lower legs. Put a large pillow under your head and another under your belly (shown). Breathe slowly, allowing your belly, face and throat to relax. Feel your body begin to soften into the floor and pillows, as if you are lying on clouds. Imagine you are soft, light, open and free, like a feather drifting in the wind. Stay in this position for 5-10 minutes, then slowly come to a seated position and breathe deeply. Relaxes you completely, easing your mind and preparing you for labor.

The Movement Center/Rudra Press, 2005; prenatalyogadvd.com

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