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Made in the Shade

a safe, show-off-that- pregnant-body weight routine. Plus, how to keep up your favorite summer activities.


pay attention Widen your feet to accommodate your growing belly.

7. HIP ADDUCTION Sit on a hip adduction machine, pads on the inside of thighs, feet on plates with legs a little more than hip-width apart. Keep back against pad, holding handles [A]. Press legs together until they almost touch [B]. Return to starting position and repeat. Strengthens inner thighs. Suggested weight range: 30–60 pounds.

pay attention Avoid starting with legs too far apart, which can pull on pelvic ligaments.

8. ALL-FOURS BELLY BREATHING Kneel on all fours so hands are under shoulders and knees are under hips. (If you have pain in your wrists, bring yourself up onto your knuckles so your wrists are straight.) Head, neck and spine should be in a straight line [A]. Keep your back straight, exhale and use your abdominals to contract your belly and pull your baby up inside you [B]. Relax your belly, inhale and repeat. Strengthens back and abdominal muscles. No weight.

pay attention Even as your pregnancy progresses, use your abs, not your back, to contract your belly.


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