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Mama's New Workout

Stay strong and vigorous throughout pregnancy. Model Kathy Ireland shows you how.


7. Pelvic tilts Lie face up on the floor with sturdy pillows propping up your head, shoulders considerably higher than belly. Bend knees and place feet flat on floor. Contract abdominals and tuck in pelvis so it tilts upward; buttocks may slightly leave floor. Relax and release; then repeat. You can also do Kegels in this position.

    To modify: First trimester: Don’t use pillows. Second trimester: Use pillows and, for variety, extend one leg out on floor. Strengthens abdominals and buttocks.

8. All-fours abs Get on all fours, hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Straighten but don’t lock arms; keep back straight, head and neck aligned with spine. Inhale, expanding belly; then exhale, pulling belly upward while keeping back fairly straight. Hold position and continue to inhale and exhale, contracting abs. Strengthens abdominals.


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