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The Pregnancy Yoga Flow You'll Love

Soothe your mind as you prep your body for childbirth. Try this simple yet powerful set of prenatal poses.

Sitting cross-legged, slide the soles of your feet together. If you feel your lower back rounding, sit on the edge of a blanket. Press your feet together, tuck your tailbone under and let your knees drop open. Cup your hands around your feet; don’t pull. Press your feet together and continue to let your knees fall open; lean slightly forward to increase the stretch [shown]. Hold for 5–8 complete breaths.

[COOL DOWN] To finish your workout, lie on your left side with a pillow between your legs and another under your head. Inhale and exhale for 4 counts each. Concentrate on your breathing for 5–10 minutes, letting go of any tension or strain in your body.

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