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Strong & Serene Workout Moves

As your belly grows during pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts forward, which can cause you to lose your balance or strain your lower back. This quick and calming yoga routine developed by certified instructor Lisa Bennett-Matkin, co-creator of Anchor Bay’s Healing Yoga DVD series, will improve your flexibility and strength as well as your stability. “Also, the yogic breathing will quiet your mind and relax your body to prepare you for delivery,” Bennett-Matkin says. All you need are a mat, wall and chair. Move fluidly through the poses in the order shown, and remember to breathe during the movements. You can do these moves three or more times a week throughout all three trimesters. Namaste.

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Good form

•Breathe deeply and slowly through your nose during the poses.
•Focus on elongating your spine and contracting your abdominals as a way to take deeper breaths.
•If you experience discomfort, stop immediately. You should feel a gentle stretch but no strain.


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