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Summer Safety Tips: How to Exercise in the Heat

How to continue your workout plan all summer long.


3. Lighten up your workout duds

“Heat dissipation is of the utmost importance throughout pregnancy, and environmental considerations, adequate hydration, and appropriate clothing should be priorities to prevent the possibility of hyperthermia and the corresponding risk to the fetus,” says Matthews. When it comes to apparel, opt for light-colored clothing made out of lightweight synthetic or polyester materials that will dry quickly and help to wick away moisture, allowing for regulation of core body temperature.

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4. Always wear sunscreen when exercising outdoors

Skin can be particularly sensitive to products when you're pregnant--more so than when you're not, but remember that sunscreen is a must for outdoor activities. Sunglasses should be worn to protect your eyes and a hat with a large brim is always a good idea to help shade your face.

5. Put on your heart rate monitor—and closely monitor it!

The general rule of thumb is still keeping your heart rate below 140 BPM (beats per minute) during cardio workouts, but be mindful of your heart rate during lower intensity activities as well in the summer, advises Metcalf.  “Biking, swimming and yoga may not produce a big sweat but may increase heart rate and blood pressure, so training monitors and using perceived levels of exertion throughout your workout should be considered,” she says. Metcalf says she likes the Garmin Swim Watch heart rate monitor for water workouts.


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