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Walk On

Prenatal exercise doesn't have to be complicated. Our beginner, intermediate and advanced walking workouts show you just how easy (and effective) it can be.


Trimester 1
(0-12 weeks)

You've never exercised or do so rarely.
It's important to approach this fitness program gradually and focus on sticking with it consistently.
• Start by walking 3 days a week, spread evenly over 7 days.
• Every 2-3 weeks, add another day of walking for 5-10 minutes, until you are walking 5 days a week.
• By week 10, your schedule should look something like this:

Monday - Off
Tuesday - Walk 20 Minutes
Wednesday - Walk 10 Minutes
Thursday - Walk 15 Minutes
Friday - Off
Saturday - Walk 20 Minutes
Sunday - Walk 10 Minutes

You're active, but exercise may be sporadic.
The fitter you were before you became pregnant, the sooner you can ramp up to 5 or 6 walk days per week.
• Start by walking 4 days a week, adding a fifth day after 4 or 5 weeks. Begin with 15-minute walks. Then gradually increase the time, adding a few minutes every other day so that walks are 20 and then 30 minutes. By week 10, here's what a typical week might look like:

Monday - walk 25 minutes
Tuesday - walk 35 minutes, or take 2 walks: 15 & 20 minutes
Wednesday - walk 20 minutes
Thursday - walk 30 minutes
Friday - off
Saturday - walk 30 minutes
Sunday - walk 40 minutes

You're fit and exercise 4 or more times per week.
Even if you're fit and a faithful exerciser, changing to a low-impact walking program might be just what you need to continue staying active and feeling good.
• Start by walking 6 days a week for 10-25 minutes.
• After 1 week, add a few minutes each day, until you are walking for at least 30 minutes per session.
• Around week 10, your schedule should look like this:

Monday - walk 30 minutes
Tuesday - walk 40 minutes
Wednesday - walk 20 minutes
Thursday - take 2 walks: 20 & 30 minutes
Friday - off
Saturday - walk 60 minutes
Sunday - walk 25 minutes


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