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Yoga By The Bay

Mom-to-be Gena Lee Nolin prepares to give birth to her own “Baywatch babe.

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5. Thai Goddess Pose   Kneel with your feet together and sit back on your heels. Drop your weight down toward your pelvis, relaxing your spine toward your heels, shoulders wide and down. Bring your palms together into a prayer position in front of your chest. Hold this for about 30 seconds, breathing deeply into your belly through your nose, then bring your hands forward to rest in an all-fours position (not pictured). Repeat 2–3 times.

6. Calf Stretches   Face a wall about arm’s distance away; place forearms on wall, shoulder-width apart. Keep feet together, legs straight but not locked, heels on floor. With fingers spread, walk hands up wall high over head. Bend left knee, keeping right foot flat on floor as your body releases toward wall [A]. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Release, then repeat with other leg. Then, stretch both calves simultaneously by keeping legs straight and heels on floor [B]. Hold for 30 seconds, then release. Stretches calves and back.

7. Tree Pose   Stand with left side to a wall, arm’s distance away, feet hip-width apart. Center yourself with a few breaths. Then, shift weight to right leg, spreading toes and keeping hips square. Now, with right hand in front of chest in prayer position and left hand lightly touching wall for balance, slowly lift left foot off floor (hold foot with right hand, if necessary) and place it along right inner thigh, heel close to groin. If this is difficult, put left foot only as far up right leg as is comfortable [A]. Use toes, abs and a steady gaze to balance yourself. Breathe normally. If you feel stable, bring left hand off wall to meet right hand in a full prayer position [B]. Hold this position for a few breaths; lower arms and place left foot on floor. Turn around and repeat on the other side. Strengthens legs; works on balance and kinesthetic awareness.

8. Warrior II   Stand with your left side to a wall, hands on hips, feet parallel and about 4 feet apart. Turn your right foot out 90 degrees and left foot in slightly, so your left heel is braced against the wall. Inhale, extend right arm at shoulder height and place left hand on the wall at shoulder height, left elbow bent. Look toward your right hand [A]. Exhale and bend your right knee until it’s directly over your ankle and your thigh is parallel to the floor; straighten your left arm and press the outside edge of your left heel against the wall. Feel the extension running through both arms [B]. Hold for 3–4 breath cycles, if you feel strong. Lift up through your spine; don’t lean over or rest your belly on your forward thigh. Inhale. Press down through both feet and push back up. Repeat 3–5 times and change sides. Strengthens legs, hips and spine; opens up hip area.

9. Meditation  Sit cross-legged on floor with spine straight, eyes closed, hands on knees or belly. Listen to your breath as you slowly inhale and exhale through nose. Sit breathing this way for at least 3 minutes.  



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