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Yoga Mama

Our simple prenatal workout takes you through all three trimesters


2nd Trimester Supported Wide-Leg Stance Stand facing a chair. Put forearms on the seat so elbows line up under your shoulders, palms together, thumbs lifted. Separate your legs wider than hip-width apart, keeping legs straight with tailbone, back, neck and head in one line. Press up off your forearms (so you’re not slouching); maintain pose for 5 breaths.

3rd Trimester Do the Supported Wide-Leg Stance as in second trimester, except extend your arms fully on the chair on either side of your ears as a modified Downward-Facing Dog. You will need to be a bit farther away from the chair. Maintain pose for 5 breaths.
Benefits: overall relaxation; hamstring flexibility; relief of lower-back pain.

6/cross-seat forward bend
all Trimesters Sit cross-legged on one or 2 blankets in front of a chair. Either grasp the back of the chair with arms extended, or extend your arms directly on the chair seat. Keep hips on the blanket, back long. Maintain pose for at least 5 breaths or as long as you like. Benefits: relaxation; relief of lower-back pain.



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