FitPregnancy on the Today Show: November 6-7, 2007 | Fit Pregnancy

FitPregnancy on the Today Show: November 6-7, 2007

Must-have maternity wear, fitness during pregnancy, and nutrition for moms-to-be


Our two-day series during the 9:00 am hour features:

Must-Have Maternity Wear: November 6th

Editor-in-Chief Peg Moline discusses must-have maternity wear as expecting moms model clothes for the corporate office, casual work, weekend chic, holiday festive, and date night chic.

Stylish maternity fashion
Stylish maternity fashion

Fitness Tips: November 7th

Fit Pregnancy contributor Liz Neporent shares tips on fitness during pregnancy.

Giada’s baby workout regimen
Giada’s baby workout regimen

Peg’s tips for choosing your maternity wardrobe:

Q: When a woman is starting to gain weight, what types of clothing should she consider buying? Should she get pants with an elastic band, buy regular clothing in a larger size, or buy maternity clothing?

A: Most women start looking to buy maternity clothes at about four months. Until that time, they make do with looser pants and tops, unless they really pop quickly. It doesn’t make sense to buy new clothes in a larger size, because you are going to go to maternity designs soon (pants with an elastic band are maternity pants). But, if you shop early, look for designs that will grow with you, with back ties and stretchy panels.

Q: Women are looking for comfort when they’re pregnant. Are heels completely out, or can a woman still wear a pair of fun heels with her outfit? What types of shoes do you suggest for pregnant women who are looking for comfort and style?

A: If you’re used to wearing heels, and they're comfortable, we say go for it—but know that you'll be dealing with swollen ankles, and your feet may grow up to a half size larger. But when you start to get really big, your balance may be affected, so be careful. A great style for pregnancy is a slide or slip-on because you don't have to bend over and tie or buckle them.

Q: Are there any designs or patterns that pregnant women should avoid because they’re not flattering?

A: Not really. The only design we don't suggest is the classic maternity tent dress—yards and yards of fabric. Rather than hide your bump, look for clothes that are more streamlined and fitted. The most flattering look is a monotone style, all the same color for top and bottom. Boot cut pants look really great because they make you legs look long. Busy prints might not be a great choice, but it's up to you.

Q: How can a woman avoid spending a lot of money on a whole new wardrobe when she’s pregnant?

A: There are a lot of really reasonable maternity lines—Old Navy, Gap, and H&M have maternity wear. So, if you’re on a budget, you can get most of what you need there. Then, splurge on a really good suit or a holiday dress.

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