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Baby Seat Creates Rift Between Parents

Is this the most controversial baby seat of all time?
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Nuna Recalls High Chairs Due to Fall Hazard

Thousands of Nuna Baby Essentials high chairs recalled after there are 50 reports of the arm bar detaching, putting babies at risk.

7 Pregnancy and Baby Kickstarters Worth Supporting

From high-tech to high-brow, these projects will make your life as a pregnant mama-to-be that much easier.

Meet The Self-Propelling Stroller That'll Make Your Life Easier

...if you have $3,000 to drop on a baby carriage, that is.

Would You Play Your Baby Music Through Your Vag?

Introducing Babypod, a new, up-close-and-very-personal way for moms to introduce their unborn babies to music.

Introducing the First Pregnancy Test on a Phone

Peeing on a stick? There's now an app for that.

Could This Monitor Change the Way We Care for Babies?

This device, which watches your baby while you sleep, might just be a game-changer.

You're Probably Using Your Newborn's Car Seat Wrong

Turns out, only five percent of people actually get them right.

Yet Another Change to Car Seat Recommendations

You might have done all your car seat research—but were you aware of this new line of thinking?

Kim Kardashian West Shares Game-Changing Maternity Style Tip

Have you noticed that Kim Kardashian West always seems to wear similar things while pregnant? There's a reason.

Should Crib Bumpers Be Banned?

Doing away with these dangerous sleep accessories altogether might be the best option.

You're Probably Installing Your Car Seat Wrong

New research says that child car seats and vehicle seats don't align properly more than 40 percent of the time. But there's an easy fix. (You might want to read this before you next use yours.)

Blake Lively's Diaper Bag Costs As Much As Your Rent—and It's Sold Out

When you think of diaper bags, you definitely think of imported zippers from Switzerland, right?

7 Adorable Pregnancy Tracker Books & Journals

You'll love these fun, easy, and traditional ways to mark your maternity milestones. Your future self will thank you later.

Could the Right Toys Make Your Baby Smarter?

No need to guess what might be right for Baby when she's born. Now you can use science to plan the perfect baby gift registry.
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