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Tips to streamline your beauty routine


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Using the same products that your baby does saves time, money and bathroom space. Just make sure that you’re using her products and not the other way around.

    “Some cleansing bars, shampoos and body lotions that parents use can cause an allergic contact rash, or irritant dermatitis, in the infant,” says Harold Lancer, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologist in Beverly Hills, Calif. But if you start using baby-safe products now, you can avoid the problem altogether.

    One last product-sharing tip: Some baby bath products are also great shaving companions for mommies. The best part about using baby products? Having the same fresh scent as your little one.

shop smart

When you’re expecting and your feet and ankles are swollen — or after you’ve delivered and you’re up all night for feedings — the last thing you want to do is trudge to the cosmetics counter. So take advantage of Web sites such as, and to reorder staples or select new spring hues. And don’t worry about hormonally induced errors in judgment: Any reputable Web merchant will be happy to take back that fluorescent fuchsia blush you somehow thought would look great.


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