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Holiday Glow

"If people say you have that glow, it's usually after you've put your makeup on," says makeup artist and mother of three, Bobbi Brown, who favored strong eyes and pale lips during her pregnancies.


Dark circles  Not only are hormones probably responsible for pigment changes, but they also may cause blood vessels to engorge. “This increased blood volume is seen as darkness in the thin skin around the eyes,” Newton says.
Beauty secret  Apply a yellow-toned concealer from the inner to the outer corners of the eye. Begin next to your nose, where skin is darkest, and work outward. Finish with foundation, and powder all over.
    Draw attention away from any dark circles you may have by covering your entire eyelid, from lashes to brow, with white shadow. Apply a silver shimmery shadow on the lower part of your lid, from the top of your lash line up to your crease. To finish, dampen and coat a thin, flat eyeliner brush with charcoal powder and follow along the top lash line. “Shadow is more natural-looking than liquid liner,” Brown says. To create a dressier look, apply eyeliner along the bottom lash line, too.
    Finish with a stroke of black thickening mascara on the upper and lower lashes. With a hard slanted brush, fill in your eyebrows with a shadow that matches your hair color.
Puffiness  The increase of blood and fluid during pregnancy causes increased pressure in the veins. “As a result, fluid leaks into fleshy areas, accounting for puffiness, especially in the eyes,” Newton says.
Beauty secret  After your morning cleansing and moisturizing routine, lightly dab a small amount of eye cream  around your eyes to cool and soothe the skin. Once it has dried, apply your foundation and powder as usual. “Use makeup to take attention away from the puffiness around your eyes,” Brown says. “Intensify your eye makeup, and wear a bright-colored lipstick.” For extra moisturizing, apply eye cream before going to bed.


Puffiness Increased water retention is the culprit.
Beauty secret To accent pale pink or ice-colored lips, highlight cheeks with a soft pink blush. Bright pink or red lips need a soft but reddish or rose blush. To apply blush, dip a blush brush into the powder, blow off the excess and brush from the apple of your cheek out toward your hairline, Brown advises. As a final step, without adding more blush, soften the edges with the same brush.



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