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Holiday Glow

"If people say you have that glow, it's usually after you've put your makeup on," says makeup artist and mother of three, Bobbi Brown, who favored strong eyes and pale lips during her pregnancies.


Dullness The jury is still out on whether it’s safe to color your hair
during pregnancy. Some experts say it is safe, others say it’s not. Then there are those who say it’s safe under certain conditions — after the first trimester, by a salon professional and with good ventilation. But as a general rule of thumb, it’s better to err on the side of caution and go with the most conservative opinion: Avoid coloring altogether. But don’t despair. There are several other safe ways to brighten up your hair during pregnancy.
Beauty secret Use plant-based temporary coloring products that are ammonia- and peroxide-free and that wash in and out. Or you can streak in highlights of color such as gold, honey, copper, bronze, berry, chestnut or black with hair mascara. These products give you instant color that washes out with one shampoo. Hennas, made from plant extracts, are also safe for adding red tones or bringing out your natural ones.



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