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new moms, new looks

Makeup expert Bobbi Brown makes over two Fit Pregnancy readers.


Though she may not have written the book on pregnancy primping, Bobbi Brown is dedicating an info-packed chapter to the topic: In Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution (Harper Resource, 2002), she addresses everything from hiding pigmentation to avoiding dehydration (check out “The Beauty of Having a Baby” on pgs. 176–181 of her book). So we asked this makeup pro and mom of three to apply her best tips—and hottest colors—to two Fit Pregnancy readers who were still in search of that fabled expectant glow. Read on for the how-to’s, then put Bobbi’s advice to work for you.

Lei Yang, 36

31 weeks pregnant with her first child

Never one to wear makeup before, Lei was finally ready to explore the virtues of concealer (and understated

eye, lip and cheek colors) as soon as her skin started

showing some of the telltale signs of pregnancy—under-eye circles and hyperpigmentation, in particular. Bobbi gave her a soft but decidedly sexy look.

STEP 1  The first order of business was to apply eye cream, then concealer, under Lei’s eyes. “The trick is to take the concealer all the way up to the roots of the lower lashes,” Bobbi says. “Everyone has that purplish [exhaustion-

betraying] line to camouflage.”

STEP 2  Next, small dabs of foundation were brushed on, then blended, where Lei’s skin tone was uneven (this technique was as effective on individual brown spots as on larger pigmented areas). “You generally don’t need foundation all over your face,” Bobbi explains. “Just enough to restore your complexion to a fresh-looking state.”

STEP 3  To further the fresh look, Bobbi created a healthy-looking pink flush on the apples of Lei’s cheeks.

STEP 4  Eye makeup was similarly restrained to give Lei a balanced look: just a light-handed brushing of rich brown eye shadow into Lei’s brows (to fill them in and enhance the arches), another touch of brown shadow along her upper lash lines for definition, a swipe of flesh-toned eye shadow base to even out her lids, and a coat of black lash-lengthening mascara.

STEP 5  The final flourish: a subtly sensual lip look, which Bobbi achieved by topping a rosy-brown

lipstick with a nude lip gloss.


26 weeks pregnant with twins

Though hardly a newcomer to makeup, Betsy wasn’t sure how to handle pregnancy’s cosmetic curveballs. “I’ve gotten a lot more red and dry,” she says, “and I have broken capillaries in some places.” Complexion correction wasn’t the only item on the agenda: Betsy wanted a look that could take her from day to evening. So Bobbi created a dramatic—yet easy to replicate—effect.


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