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new moms, new looks

Makeup expert Bobbi Brown makes over two Fit Pregnancy readers.


STEP 1 Since Betsy’s skin was particularly dry (a common side effect of pregnancy), eye cream alone would not have sufficed as a primer. So Bobbi applied a generous layer of SPF-enhanced moisturizer (for day-into-night duty) before she started concealing the red spots and broken capillaries  as she had with Lei.

STEP 2 To define Betsy’s eyes, Bobbi used a black gel liner along her upper lashes (below). “The key is to hold the lid up a bit so that you can place the line right against the

lashes,” she says. “Otherwise, you might leave a perceptible

gap between the two.”

STEP 3   A sweep of white shadow across Betsy’s lids provided all the dressiness she needed. “A single, pale color looks much more sophisticated than multi-hued bands,” Bobbi says. “Plus, skin-toned shadows tend to make your eyes pop.” Bobbi then applied two coats of black mascara.

STEP 4   Because of the focus on Betsy’s eyes, Bobbi kept the rest of the makeup fairly understated. Bobbi finger-applied shimmery taupe lipstick to Betsy’s lips (“what’s modern is not to do a 12-step mouth anymore—forget the pencil, the complicated procedures, etc.”) and finished up with a hint of rosy blush on the apples of her cheeks.


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