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Maternity Fashion


Maternity Fashion

7 Days, 7 Ways

Mix up your maternity wardrobe with these seven easy pieces you can wear all week long without anyone noticing (we hope).

Shades of Shangri-La

Get lost in paradise this summer in light and airy bikinis & cover-ups.

Cool Comfort

Start layering for warmth and versatility as the temperature drops.

Go for the glow

From under-eye circles to acne, our pregnant readers'

Use it or Lose it

Our guide to which products you can use now, and which to put away until after you give birth.

bold and beautiful

Why keep a sexy belly under wraps? Here'’s how to bare it.

Baby your body

Treatments to ease stress and bring on the glow

New-Mom Bodycare

(for the not-so-pretty side effects of pregnancy and childbirth)

ask the beauty expert

Sound advice from beauty editor Rebekah George

jeanetic testing

We tried on 73 pairs to find the best maternity jeans.

The Soft Touch

Prenatal massage can help you connect with your changing body.

pregnancy myths

The truth about hair dye, stretch marks,the 40-week glow and more

practice safe sexiness

OUR essential head-to-toe guide to PREGNANCY primping TELLS YOU WHAT'S SAFE to spray, slather & sprinkle on your body.

That Glow

How to keep your skin looking beautiful.
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