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Tiny Turf

Avoid dark colors when decorating a small space.

The darker the walls, the smaller the room will feel, so choose a light, bright paint color. (MiGi used Dunn-Edwards Paints in this room: wall color, Across the Bay; trim color, Whisper.) Complete the palette with darker or lighter accents; here, white and Kelly green make the aqua-toned wall color pop.  

Free valuable floor space by using the closet both as a changing area and for storage.

A small chest of drawers with a removable wood changing table tray with foam pad gives you a sturdy surface for diaper changes, plus a place to store clothing. Built-in shelving can accommodate additional clothes and toys.

Go with the necessities and scale back on the extras.

A simple rocker and side table don't take up much room, and they provide a comfortable spot for nursing and bonding.

Try multiple storage solutions, such as baskets, bins and shelves.

Baskets and bins come in several sizes, and they're easy for toddlers to remove toys from without the risk of pinched fingers.

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